He has to be out there somewhere, Right?

Will Desperation Blind Jade from finding the love she desires?


Chasing Daffodils - BLURB

Jade Everly is a twenty-four-year-old native New Yorker, pursuing an acting career while working as a Barista at a trendy cafe. She shares an apartment in Brooklyn with her best friend Reese.

When Reese suddenly springs the news that she is moving out to live with her boyfriend, Jade has no choice but to let good-looking, cocky, musician, and true player Colin move in. Now living together, Jade and Colin hardly see eye to eye, especially about the men she dates. 

An upcoming wedding of her ex-boyfriend Noah and childhood best friend Suzy has her on the hunt (even more than ever) for a plus one.

Will Jade find love as she searches for the right date or will desperation blind her from finding the love she desires?

A Few Words About The Author

Emily Sam is a twenty-three-year-old college student and a first-time novelist. She lives in South Florida and enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Emily loves to read, write, and travel to New York any chance she gets.

Emily Sam – Author

Reading Sample - Look Inside

The man seems to be in his early forties; his long frame resembles a tall building as he stands with excellent posture. I like to watch him when I’m on my lunch break, sitting on a bench across the street. To some, that might sound strange, but to me, this activity has begun to feel quite normal…

Unfortunately, I was wrong. After that god-awful night, it’s like Reese wasn’t done torturing me. Colin is always around now, whether it be birthday parties, our last month of summer barbecues, or just a friendly game night at Wes’. You name it, and Colin was there. And he never ceased to remind me of how much of a cocky, womanizing musician he was…

The pearly white invitation has officially arrived. I trace my finger across the elaborate olive-green vines printed on the sides. Then, I look at the soon-to-be bride and groom’s name printed in large, cursive print. As I stand in silence in the apartment’s foyer, the tiny space by the mailboxes seems to get smaller and smaller by the second. The sound of keys jingling beside me takes me out of my hypnotic state of mind, and I give the old lady that lives above me a tiny wave. Then, I practically run upstairs, hoping Reese is home…

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    The cover image for Chasing Daffodils intrigued me! I became hooked immediately while reading the prologue. I can’t believe this is your first novel. I’m already looking forward to your next book.
    R.H Oklahoma
    I loved the pace, I loved the characters, I loved the book. I hope this becomes a movie!
    Nancy O. New York
    I discovered you accidentally while searching for a fun and light-hearted read to pass my time while traveling to work. Best discovery. I really enjoyed your style. Thanks.
    Brittany T. New Jersey
    Your book, Chasing Daffodils was given to me as a handoff. This means the book was handed to me after my Daughter read it. She and I both loved it very much. We genuinely enjoyed the story.
    Amanda & Amy California

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